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Auger Drive Unit & Augers

Hello Hire carries a range of Auger Drive Units to suit various size Excavators & Skid Steers for housing foundation piers, tree planting, fencing & gates, standing power poles, roadworks, earthworks, pipe laying & service installation

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Auger-A4 Earth-Series.jpg

A4  Earth

Drill holes in light earth conditions and clay. Numerous teeth options are available for most ground conditions. Hello Hire Equipment Rental's A4 Augers are equipped with "MFT" teeth for general drilling.


Easy PADLOC knock in and out teeth require no special tools.

RC4 Earth/Rock

Digga's RC4 Augers come with tapered tungsten teeth which are designed for drilling in earth, shale, asphalt, permafrost and fracturable rock.


Easy PADLOC knock in and out teeth require no special tools.

DR4 Dedicated Rock

Digga's DR auger range feature rotating rock picks and are specially designed for drilling from soft fracturable rock to very hard rock.


DR's also feature short flighting to encourage regular spoil removal, allowing cool air to enter the hole, and facilitate regular inspection of teeth.

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